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Business Lending

Borrowing that helps you grow your business



Churchbridge Credit Union is proud to support our agricultural community.  Farming and ranching are more than just a business, they are a lifestyle.  


Dreaming about starting your own business or expanding your existing one? Churchbridge Credit Union can help make that dream a reality.

Loan and Mortgage Insurance

No matter how cautious you are, life throws curveballs.  Get tailored insurance to help.


Meet your Lenders


Lois Laboucane

Lois began her credit union career with Churchbridge Credit Union in 2009.  She works in the Churchbridge branch where she primarily focusses on Agricultural and Commercial Lending.  She also works with members for Residential Mortgages and Commercial Loans. 

Elliana Margarit

Elliana has been at Churchbridge Credit Union since 2007 and moved into the lending department in 2011.  She works in the Langenburg branch and specializes in Commercial and Agricultural Lending.  She also helps our members with Residential Mortgages and Commercial Loans.


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