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Who We Are

As a Credit Union, we believe in putting people first.  We're guided by co-operative values and making our communities stronger by investing in what matters right here at home.  


Our Purpose

We strive to be progressive and dedicated, ensuring our members and our communities are our top priority.

Our Values

Churchbridge Credit Union believes in integrity, community involvement, innovation, teamwork, providing excellent member service, supporting our staff, and the cooperative principles.


In January, 1944, 14 people each contributed 25 cents toward materials for a study group to start a local credit union.  On April 20, 1945, Churchbridge Savings and Credit Union Ltd was incorporated.  We are so proud of how far we've come in the last 75 plus years and will continue to strive for the very best. Our members and our community will always be our main focus and together we will make your financial dreams a reality. "

Ryan Tebbutt,  CEO

What Makes Us Different

Community Support

We believe that companies such as ours have the ability and the responsiblity to support the social, cultural and economic enrichment of our communities.  The Churchbridge Credit Union is actively involved in supporting the community by sponsoring events, donating, volunteering, and actively participating in community events. 

Community Investment Program

We have maintained our commitment to our communities with the development of a Community Investment Program, which annually sets aside a pledge of 2.5% of pre-tax profits.  These funds are donated to non-profit organizations for worthwhile community projects.  Since 2011 we have invested over $295,900 in local organizations within our communities.  

Member Profit Sharing Program

The member profit sharing program is a perk of being our member.  As a member you are entitled to share in the success of your credit union by receiving allocations of surplus earnings based on patronage.  The more business you conduct at the Churchbridge Credit Union, the higher your allocation will be.  

Deposit Guarantee

Deposits held in Saskatchewan Credit Unions are fully guaranteed through the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation(CUDGC).  Your deposits are safe and will always be re-paid, no matter how large or small the dollar amount.  That means that you can deposit your hard earned money with the assurance that you will never lose a cent - guaranteed.

Churchbridge Credit Union System

  • employs 31 local people

  • serves over 3300 members

  • $203 million in assets

  • 2 full service branches

  • Always a friendly voice to answer the phones during business hours

  • Established in 1945; we are committed to our members and here to stay

  • 24/7 ATM's in Churchbridge and Langenburg

  • In 2020, we contributed over 560 volunteer hours along with performing 75 Acts of Kindness within our communities.  

  • We offer products and services that are tailored to the needs of our members

  • The Credit Union pays over $23,000/year in property taxes. 

Our History

  • 1945- Incorporated on April 20/1945 as Churchbridge Savings and Credit Union Ltd.  30 members. Assets - $180.75
  • 1954 - Constructed new building in Churchbridge with walk-in vault
  • 1963 - Constructed new building in Churchbridge.  This building is currently the Parkland Library.  Assets $750,000
  • 1969 - Opened a branch in Langenburg located on the 2nd floor of the Post Office.
  • 1976 - First female loans officer
  • 1977 - Computers first introduced 
  • 1979 - Constructed new building in Langenburg
  • 1983 - Debit cards made available.  Saskatchewan Credit Unions introduced Canada to ATM service.
  • 1989 - Constructed new building in Churchbridge. Assets $14 million
  • 2000 - Renovated Churchbridge Branch to include ATM, changed our name from Churchbridge Savings and Credit Union Ltd. to Churchbridge Credit Union. Assets $26 million
  • 2001 - Introduced MemberDirect® Online Banking.  First patronage paid out $197,000.
  • 2004 - Installed ATM in Langenburg
  • 2005 - Amalgamated with MacNutt Credit Union.  Assets $85 million
  • 2011 - Introduced Community Investment Program. To date, $295,900 has been invested in our local communities
  • 2020 - 75th Anniversary.  Assets $211.5 million 
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