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Board of Directors

Elected by our members, our Board of Directors consists of seven dedicated members of our credit union.

Our board consists of members from the Churchbridge and Langenburg areas. They are teachers, farmers, miners, and business owners and they bring their knowledge the table.They are always engaging in online and in-person education sessions to help them make the important decisions. While certain decisions need to be made to grow a strong business, our members' and communities' needs are always top of mind.Our directors meet annually to develop a strategic plan and management executes that plan.

Brenda Becker


Howard McCullough

Vice President

Kevin Popp


Marilyn Debnam


Mike Dirven


Janelle Herechuk


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Board Committees

This committee will act in the capacity of, and on behalf of, the Board of Directors between regular or special board meetings on all board matters except those which the Board may not, in compliance with legislative requirements, delegate.
This committee analyzes and makes decisions on credit applications within the provisions of policy and legislation and to recommend credit policies.

The purpose of the Conduct Review Committee (the “CRC”) is to ensure that all proposed related party transactions with the Credit Union are fair to the Credit Union and that the relationship has not affected the exercise of the best judgement of the Credit Union.

This committee works with management in the development of policies and plans relevant to Churchbridge Credit Union service facilities and Credit Union owned housing facilities.
This committee oversees the nomination and election processes for elections of Credit Union directors.
The purpose of the Committee is to ensure an independent review of the Credit Union’s operation on areas deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of financial data, adequacy of internal controls and adherence to requirements of The Credit Union Act, 1998, The Credit Union Regulations, 1999, The Credit Union Insurance Business Regulations and the Standards of Sound Business Practice.
This committee provides liaison between the Credit Union and its members and communities by monitoring needs, recommending services for Board of Directors consideration to meet those needs, planning activities that respond to expressed interests and recommending changes or amendment to service policies that may better serve member, customer, community and Credit Union needs.

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